Traditional Snacks

201 白切豬肝連 Slices Boiled Pork Diaphragm

202 白切腮邦肉 Slices Boiled Pork Cheek Meat

203 白切生腸 Slices Boiled Pork Uteri

204 白切魷魚 Slices Boiled Squid

205 白切大腸 Slices Boiled Pork Chitterling

206 白切鵝肉 Slice Goose Meat

208 彰化肉圓 Steamed Meat Ball

209 碗粿 Glutinous Rice With Meat In Bowl

210 刈包 Taiwanese hamburger

211 筒仔米糕 Rice Cake Cooked In Barrel

212 煎蘿蔔糕 Fried Daikon Cake

213 豬血糕 Rice Cake Steamed With Pork Blood

214 蔥油餅 Green Onion Pan Cake

215 豆沙锅餅 Sweet Red Bean Pastry

216 小籠灌湯包(8) Shanghai Steam Small Bao(8)

217 棺材板 Seafood Chowder in Bread Bowl

218 雞捲 Deep Fried Ground Pork Onion Roll

219 糯米大腸 Sweet Rice Stuffed In Pork Chitterling

220 甜不辣 Fried Fish Cake

221 黑輪 Boiled Fish Cake With Daikon

222 蚵仔煎 Oyster Pan-Cake

223 蝦仁煎 Shrimp Pan-Cake

224 炸豆腐 Deep Fried To-Fu

225 臭豆腐 Deep Fried Stinky To-Fu

226 鹽酥雞* Fried Spicy Chicken

227 鹽酥虾* Fried Spicy Shrimp

228 鹽水鴨 Salty Duck

229 香炸大腸 Deep Fried Pork Chitterling

230 香炸花枝丸 Deep Fried Octopus Ball

231 香炸雞腿 Deep Fried Chicken (Drumstick)

232 香炸排骨 Deep Fried Pork Chop

233 炸銀絲卷 Deep Fried Chinese Bread

234 祕制東坡肉 Special Tung – Po Pork

235 秋刀鱼 Deep Fried Pike

236 台式香腸 Taiwan Sausage

237 红油扁食 Chili Oil Wonton