101 滷豬腳 Simmered Pig Feet

102 滷豬耳 Simmered Pig Ears

103 滷牛肚 Simmered Beef Tripe

104 滷牛腱 Simmered Beef Shank

105 滷牛筋 Simmered Beef Tendon

106 滷豆干 Simmered Bean Curd

107 滷筍干 Simmered Bamboo Shoots

108 滷海帶 Simmered Seaweed

109 滷雞蛋 Simmered Egg

* could be spicy

110 凉拌黃瓜* “House Made” Cucumber

111 葱油海蜇 Green Onion Jelly Fish

112 鹽水花生 Simmered Peanuts

113 台式泡菜* Taiwan Salted Vegetable

114 韓國泡菜* Kimchi

115 脆筍* Chill Bamboo Shoots

116 麻辣猪耳* Spicy Pig Ear

117 麻辣牛肚* Spicy Beef Tripe

118 麻辣牛腱* Spicy Beef Shank

119 麻辣牛筋* Spicy Beef Tendon

120 油豆腐 Simmered To-Fu

121 拷麸 Fried Bean Curd& Black Mushroom

123 小鱼花生 Baby Fish With Peanut

124 滷百頁豆腐 Simmered Braised Bean curd

125 吻仔魚豆腐 Anchovies with To-Fu

126 櫻花蝦乾絲 Sakura Shrimp With Shredded Bean Curd

127 滷杏鲍菇 Simmered King Mushroom

128 香菇豆包 Mushroom &Wet Skin of To-Fu

Traditional Snacks

201 白切豬肝連 Slices Boiled Pork Diaphragm

202 白切腮邦肉 Slices Boiled Pork Cheek Meat

203 白切生腸 Slices Boiled Pork Uteri

204 白切魷魚 Slices Boiled Squid

205 白切大腸 Slices Boiled Pork Chitterling

206 白切鵝肉 Slice Goose Meat

208 彰化肉圓 Steamed Meat Ball

209 碗粿 Glutinous Rice With Meat In Bowl

210 刈包 Taiwanese hamburger

211 筒仔米糕 Rice Cake Cooked In Barrel

212 煎蘿蔔糕 Fried Daikon Cake

213 豬血糕 Rice Cake Steamed With Pork Blood

214 蔥油餅 Green Onion Pan Cake

215 豆沙锅餅 Sweet Red Bean Pastry

216 小籠灌湯包(8) Shanghai Steam Small Bao(8)

217 棺材板 Seafood Chowder in Bread Bowl

218 雞捲 Deep Fried Ground Pork Onion Roll

219 糯米大腸 Sweet Rice Stuffed In Pork Chitterling

220 甜不辣 Fried Fish Cake

221 黑輪 Boiled Fish Cake With Daikon

222 蚵仔煎 Oyster Pan-Cake

223 蝦仁煎 Shrimp Pan-Cake

224 炸豆腐 Deep Fried To-Fu

225 臭豆腐 Deep Fried Stinky To-Fu

226 鹽酥雞* Fried Spicy Chicken

227 鹽酥虾* Fried Spicy Shrimp

228 鹽水鴨 Salty Duck

229 香炸大腸 Deep Fried Pork Chitterling

230 香炸花枝丸 Deep Fried Octopus Ball

231 香炸雞腿 Deep Fried Chicken (Drumstick)

232 香炸排骨 Deep Fried Pork Chop

233 炸銀絲卷 Deep Fried Chinese Bread

234 祕制東坡肉 Special Tung – Po Pork

235 秋刀鱼 Deep Fried Pike

236 台式香腸 Taiwan Sausage

237 红油扁食 Chili Oil Wonton


301 貢丸湯 Meat Ball Soup

302 魚丸湯 Fish Ball Soup

303 福州魚丸湯 “FU-ZHOU” Fish Ball Soup

304 扁食湯 Wonton Soup

305 四神湯 Four Favor Herb Soup

306 蚵仔湯 Oyster Soup

307 肉羹湯 Pork Potage Soup

308 尤羹湯 Squid Potage Soup

309 韓國尤羹湯 Korean Squid Potage Soup

310 蘿蔔排骨湯 Daikon & Sparerib Soup

311 芋頭排骨湯 Taro & Spare rib Soup

312 竹筍排骨湯 Bamboo Shoot & Spare rib Soup

313 金針排骨湯 Lily Flower & spare rib Soup

314 苦瓜排骨湯 Bitter Melon & Spare rib

315 原盅雞湯 Special Chicken Soup

316 青菜雞湯 Special Chicken Soup With Vegetable

317 麻油雞湯 Sesame Oil Wine Chicken Soup

318 麻油雞麵線 Sesame Oil Wine Chicken Soup With Vermicelli

319 當歸鴨湯 “Don-Que” Duck Soup

320 當歸鴨麵線 “Don-Que” Duck Soup With Vermicelli

321 酸菜肚片湯 Preserved Vegetable & Pork Stomach Soup

322 酸菜羊肉湯 Preserved Vegetable & lamb Soup

323 酸菜鴨肉湯 Preserved Vegetable & Duck Soup

324 紅燒牛肉湯* House Special Beef Soup

325 大腸豬血湯 Pork Blood & Chitterling Soup

326 菠菜豬肝湯 Pork Liver & Spinach Soup

327 青菜豆腐湯 Vegetable To-Fu Soup

328 海鮮豆腐湯 Seafood To-Fu Soup

329 韓國泡菜豆腐湯 Kimchi To-Fu Soup

330 全酒豬肝湯 Pork Liver Wine Soup

331 全酒豬肝麵線 Pork Liver Wine SoupWith Vermicelli

332 全酒腰花湯 Pork Kidney Wine Soup

333 全酒腰花麵線 Pork Kidney And wine Soup With Vermicelli

334 全酒腰肝湯 Pork Liver And Kidney Wine soup

335 全酒腰肝麵線 Pork Liver, Kidney And Wine Soup With Vermicelli

336 腰花清湯 Pork Kidney Soup

337 客家鹹湯圓 “Hakka” Rice Ball Soup

338 全酒雞腰湯 Chicken Kidney Wine Soup

339 全酒雞腰麵線 Chicken Kidney Wine Soup With Vemicelli

340 全酒蝦麵線 Shrimp And wine Soup With Vermicelli

341 酸辣湯 Hot And Sour Soup

Hot Dish

401 炒A菜 Sauteed A Choy With Garlic

402 炒空心菜 Sauteed On Choy With Garlic

403 炒小豆苗 Sauteed Small Pea Sprout With Garlic

404 炒小白菜 Sauteed Bai Choy With Garlic

405 炒高丽菜 Sauteed Cabbage With Garlic

406 九層塔炒茄子 Eggplant With basil

407 炸酱茄子 Eggplant And Ground Pork With Bean Sauce

408 陰豉苦瓜 Bitter Melon With Black Bean Sauce

409 海鲜絲瓜 Seafood Squash

410 清炒絲瓜 Sauteed Squash

411 麻婆豆腐* To-Fo “Szechuan Style”

412 麻辣臭豆腐* Spicy Stinky To-Fu

413 麻油炒腰花 Sauteed Pork Kidney With Sesame oil

414 麻油炒腰肝 Sauteed Pork Kidney & Liver With Sesame oil

415 麻油炒豬肝 Sauteed Pork Liver With Sesame oil

416 炒豬血 Sauteed Pork Blood

417 五更腸旺* Pork Blood Chitterlings In Pot

419 酸菜炒大腸 Pork Chitterling With Pickles

421 劍筍炒肉絲 Shredded Pork With Bamboo Shoots

422 香乾肉絲* Shredded Pork With Dried Bean Curd

423 筍乾扣肉 Steam Bamboo Shoots With Stewed Pork

424 梅菜扣肉 Steamed Dried Mustard With Stewed Pork

425 客家小炒 Sauted “Hakka” Special

426 沙茶牛肉 Sha-Cha Beef

427 孜然牛肉* Cumin Beef

428 蔥爆牛肉 Beef With Green Onion

429 沙茶羊肉 Sha-Cha Lamb

430 孜然羊肉* Cumin Lamb

431 蔥爆羊肉 Lamb With Green Onion

432 扁魚白菜 Steam Napa Cabbage With Dried Fish

433 豉椒魚片 Sliced Fish In Black Bean Sauce

434 椒鹽魚片* Sliced Fish With Salt & Pepper

435 甜酸鱼 Sweet & Sour Sliced Fish

436 香酥多春魚 Deep Fried Smelt Fish

437 香酥魷魚* Fried Squid With Pepper & Salt

438 芹菜炒魷魚* Sauteed Squid With Celery

439 宮保魷魚* Kung Pao Squid

440 宮保蝦仁* Kung Pao Shrimps

441 蝦仁炒蛋 Shrimps With Scramble egg

442 鳳梨蝦球 Shrimp & Pineapple Sauces

443 椒鹽蝦* Shrimp With Pepper & Salt

444 毛豆蝦 Soy Beans Shrimps

445 甜酸蝦 Sweet & Sour Shrimps

446 台式三杯雞 House Special Chicken

447 台式三杯小卷 House Special Squid

448 蚵仔酥 Deep Fried Oyster

450 九層塔炒螺肉 Sauteed Perwinkle With Basil

451 九層塔炒墨魚仔 Sauteed Baby Octopus With Basil

452 麻油炒雞腰 Sauteed Chicken Kidney

453 干煎白鯧魚 Pan Fried White Promphet

454 雞燴百頁豆腐 Braised Beancurd With Chicken soup

455 麻辣百頁豆腐 Spicy Braised Beancurd

456 炒台湾菠菜 Sauteed Taiwan Spinach With Garlic

457 家常牛肉 Sauteed Beef Special

458 葱燒豆腐 Scallions Tofu

459 開洋白菜 Stew Napa cabbage With Dried Shrimps

460 清炒魚片 Sauteed Sliced Fish

461 三杯杏鲍菇 House Special King Mushroom

462 回鍋腮邦肉 Sauteed Pork Cheek Meat

463 鳳梨牛肉 Beef With Pineapple

464 雪菜蝦仁豆腐 Shrimp & To Fo With Potherb Mustard

466 絲瓜番茄 Squash with Tomato

467 清蒸茄子 Steamed Eggplant

468 泡椒魚片 Marinated fish filet in pickled chili sauce

469 浸魚片 Braised Fish Filet

470 金蒜黑椒牛柳 Beef Filet With Garlic & Black Pepper

472 麻辣香酥蝦仁 Fried Shrimp With Hot Spicy.

473 三杯三文鱼 House Special Salmon

475 魚片豆腐 Braised Fish Filets With To-Fu

Noodle Dish (none soup)

501 切仔乾麵 Sliced Pork & Dry Noodle

502 切仔乾米粉 Sliced Pork & Dry Rice Noodle

503 切仔乾粿條 Sliced Pork & Dry Fun

504 切仔乾米苔目 Sliced Pork & Dry Rice Stick Noodle

505 肉燥乾麵 Dry Noodle With Ground Pork

506 肉燥乾米粉 Dry Rice Noodle With Ground Pork

507 肉燥乾粿條 Dry Fun With Ground Pork

508 肉燥乾米苔目 Dry Rice Sliced Noodle With Ground Pork

509 招牌涼麵 Special Cold Noodle

510 炸醬麵* Dry Noodle & Spicy Bean Sauce

511 鱔魚麵* Eels Noodle

512 雞絲炒麵 Chicken Chow Mein

513 雞絲炒米粉 Chicken Chow Rice Noodle

514 肉絲炒麵 Pork Chow Mein

515 肉絲炒米粉 Pork Chow Rice Noodle

516 沙茶牛肉炒麵 Sha-Cha Beef Chow Mein

517 沙茶雞肉炒麵 Sha-Cha Chicken Chow Mein

518 沙茶豬肉炒麵 Sha-Cha Pork Chow Mein

519 牛肉炒麵 Beef Chow Mein

520 牛肉炒米粉 Beef Chow Rice Noodle

521 蝦仁炒麵 Shrimp Chow Mein

522 蝦仁炒米粉 Shrimp Chow Rice Noodle

523 海鮮炒麵 Seafood Chow Mein

525 海鮮炒米粉 Seafood Chow Rice Noodle

526 豬肝炒麵 Pork Liver Chow Mein

527 豬肝炒米粉 Pork Liver Chow Rice Noodle

528 什錦炒麵 Combination Chow Mein

529 什錦炒米粉 Combination Chow Rice Noodle

530 海鮮炒烏龍麵 Sauteed Udon With Seafood

531 牛肉炒烏龍麵 Sauteed Udon With Beef

532 白菜炒年糕 Sauteed Rice Cake With Bai Choy

533 雪菜炒年糕 Sauteed Rice Cake With Salty Vegetable

534 海鮮炒粿條 Seafood Chow Fun

535 肉絲炒粿條 Pork Chow Fun

536 乾炒牛河 Beef Chow Fun

537 蔥油乾拌麵 Special Noodle with Onion Sauce

538 XO酱炒粿條 Hot XO Sauce Chow Fun

539 魚片蒜香麵 Sliced Fish With Garlic Noodle

540 蝦仁蒜香麵 Shrimp With Garlic Noodle

541 麻辣牛肉乾拌麵 Spicy Beef with Dry Noodle

Noodle Dish ( Soup)

601 切仔麵 Sliced Pork Noodle Soup

602 切仔米粉 Sliced Pork Rice Noodle Soup

603 切仔粿條 Sliced Pork Fun Soup

604 切仔米苔目 Sliced Pork Rice Stick Noodle Soup

605 擔仔麵 Ground Pork Noodle Soup

606 擔仔米粉 Ground Pork Rice Noodle Soup

607 擔仔粿條 Ground Pork Fun Soup

608 擔仔米苔目Ground Pork Rice Stick Noodle Soup

609 貢丸冬粉 Meat Ball With Transparent Vermicelli

610 貢丸麵 Meat Ball Noodle

611 貢丸米粉 Meat Ball With Rice Noodle

612 扁食麵 Wonton Noodle

613 扁食米粉 Wonton Rice Noodle

614 肉羹麵 Pork Potage Noodle

615. 肉羹米粉 Pork Potage Rice Noodle

616 尤羹麵 Squid Potage Noodle

617 尤羹米粉 Squid Potage Rice Noodle

618 大腸米粉 Rice Noodle With Pork Chitterling

619 大腸麵線 Stew Vermicelli With Pork Chitterling

620 蚵仔麵線 Stew Vermicelli With Chitterling And Oyster

621 豬肝煮麵 Pork liver Noodle Soup

622 豬肝煮米粉 Pork liver Rice Noodle Soup

623 豬腳麵 Pork Feet Noodle

624 豬腳麵線 Pork Feet Vermicelli

625 豬腳麵線+蛋 Pork Feet Vermicelli With Egg

626 招牌牛肉麵* Beef Noodle Soup

627 招牌牛肉米粉* Beef With Rice Noodle Soup

628 招牌牛肉冬粉* Beef With Transparent Vermicelli Soup

629 招牌牛肉家常麵* Beef Special Noodle Soup

630 芋頭排骨冬粉 Taro & Sparerib Transparent Vermicelli

650 鍋燒烏龍麵 Udon Noodle In Pot

652 韓國尤羹麵 Korean Squid Potage Noodle

653 韓國尤羹米粉 Korean Squid Potage Rice Noodle

654 排骨麵 Pork Chop Noodle Soup

655 客家香芋米粉 “Hakka”Taro & Rice Noodle

Rice Dish

701 肉燥飯 Ground Pork Rice

702 控肉飯 Pork Hock & Rice

703 豬腳飯 Pork Feet & Rice

704 雞腿飯 Fried Chicken Leg & Rice

705 排骨飯 Pork Chop & Rice

706 雞排飯Fried Chicken Fillet & Rice

707 魚排飯 Fried Fish Fillet & Rice

708 肉絲蛋炒飯 Pork & Egg Fried Rice

709火腿蛋炒飯 Ham & Egg Fried Rice

710 香腸蛋炒飯 Sausage & Egg Fried Rice

711 雞絲蛋炒飯 Chicken & Egg Fried Rice

712 牛肉蛋炒飯 Beef & Egg Fried Rice

713 什錦蛋炒飯 Combination & Egg Fried Rice

714 海鮮蛋炒飯 Seafood & Egg Fried Rice

715 蝦仁蛋炒飯 Shrimp & Egg Fried Rice

716 櫻花蝦炒飯 SAKURA Shrimp & Fried Rice

717 鳳梨蝦炒飯 PINEAPPLE And Shrimp & Fried Rice

718 蛋包飯 Omelet Rice

719 什錦燴飯 Combination Rice & Gravy

720 牛肉燴飯 Beef Over Rice

721 蕃茄牛肉燴飯 Tomato Beef Over Rice

722 海鮮燴飯 Seafood Over Rice

723 蝦仁燴飯 Shrimp Over Rice

724. 台式海鮮粥 Seafood Congee

725. 鳗魚飯 Unagi Kabayaki Rice

726 白飯 Rice

727 咖喱雞排飯 Curry Chic Fried Chicken Fillet & Rice

728 咖喱魚排飯 Curry Chic Fried Fish Fillet & Rice


801 素炒麵 Vegetarian & Mushroom Chow Mein

802 素炒米粉 Vegetarian & Mushroom Sauteed Rice Noodle

803素炒飯 Vegetarian Fried rice

804 素炒烏龍麵 Vegetarian Pan Fried Udon

805 素炒年糕 Vegetarian Pan Fried Rice Cake

806 素湯麵 Vegetarian & To-Fu Noodle Soup

807 素湯米粉 Vegetarian & To-Fu Rice Noodle Soup

808 素湯年糕 Vegetarian & To-Fu Rice Cake Soup

809 素湯烏龍麵 Vegetarian & To-Fu Udon Soup

810 素什錦 Mixed Vegetable

811 素炒香乾 Bean Curd With Mushroom

812 素炒剑筍 Bamboo Shoot With Mushroom

813 番茄炒蛋 Scramble Eggs With Tomato

814素蛋包飯 Vegetarian Omelet Rice

815 素涼麵 Vegetarian Cold Noodle

816 素雞排飯 Vegetarian Chicken Filet With Rice

817 紅燒豆腐燴飯 Brown Sauce To-Fu & Rice

818 素炒粿條 Vegetarian Chow Fun

819 白菜豆腐 To-Fu With Bai Choy


901 冰紅茶/冰綠茶 Ice Tea / Ice Green Tea

903 冰奶茶/冰奶綠 Ice Milk Tea / Ice Green Milk Tea

905 冰咖啡/冰鴛鴦 Ice Coffee / Ice Coffee Tea Mixed

907 冰檸檬茶 Ice Lemon Tea

908 鮮芒果粒冰沙 Fresh Mango Smoothie

909 烏梅冰沙 Plum Smoothie

910 鳳梨冰沙 Pineapple Smoothie

911 草莓冰沙 Strawberry Smoothie

912 藍莓冰沙 Blueberry Smoothie

913 水蜜桃冰沙 Peach Smoothie

914 荔枝冰沙 Lychee Ice Smoothie

915 百香果冰沙 Passion Fruit Smoothie

916 木瓜牛奶 Papaya Milk Shake

917 西瓜牛奶 Watermelon Milk Shake

918 草莓牛奶 Strawberry Milk Shake

919 西瓜汁 Watermelon Shake

920 時令鮮水果茶 Mixed Fresh Fruit Green Tea

923 台灣洛神花茶 Ice Taiwan Rosele Tea

926 Coke /7-UP/ Diet Coke / Diet 7-UP

930 冬瓜茶