101 滷豬腳 Simmered Pig Feet

102 滷豬耳 Simmered Pig Ears

103 滷牛肚 Simmered Beef Tripe

104 滷牛腱 Simmered Beef Shank

105 滷牛筋 Simmered Beef Tendon

106 滷豆干 Simmered Bean Curd

107 滷筍干 Simmered Bamboo Shoots

108 滷海帶 Simmered Seaweed

109 滷雞蛋 Simmered Egg

* could be spicy

110 凉拌黃瓜* “House Made” Cucumber

111 葱油海蜇 Green Onion Jelly Fish

112 鹽水花生 Simmered Peanuts

113 台式泡菜* Taiwan Salted Vegetable

114 韓國泡菜* Kimchi

115 脆筍* Chill Bamboo Shoots

116 麻辣猪耳* Spicy Pig Ear

117 麻辣牛肚* Spicy Beef Tripe

118 麻辣牛腱* Spicy Beef Shank

119 麻辣牛筋* Spicy Beef Tendon

120 油豆腐 Simmered To-Fu

121 拷麸 Fried Bean Curd& Black Mushroom

123 小鱼花生 Baby Fish With Peanut

124 滷百頁豆腐 Simmered Braised Bean curd

125 吻仔魚豆腐 Anchovies with To-Fu

126 櫻花蝦乾絲 Sakura Shrimp With Shredded Bean Curd

127 滷杏鲍菇 Simmered King Mushroom

128 香菇豆包 Mushroom &Wet Skin of To-Fu